Challenge No. 1 Sewing my Wardrobe

In the clothes we buy, the fashion and then the color play a key role. However, I have the impression that not many of us women - attaches great importance to the quality of purchased clothes¹. We are so crazy about clothes and we always prefer to have more²: blouses, dresses, trousers, jackets, skirts and other fatalges, at the expense of their quality ...
Heute habe ich ein Einkaufstour gemacht, um zu schauen was überhaupt noch IN ist. Es gab schon eine neue Früflings Kollektion, was mir sehr gefreut hat, da ich an eine neue Office garderobe denke. Wie überascht war ich, wenn jede schöne Wolle Kleid ein Polyester Fütter hatte! Wo ist der Sinn? Ein Mantel von Ralph Lauren kostet üngefähr 200-300 CHF, und was wir bekommen ist ein synthetischen Kunststoff!

Never satisfied with my wardrobe, I needed more and more clothes to achieve a style I liked. The social norms and the materialism of capitalism that I have been trying to escape from for years still influence me.
Today I did a shopping trip to see what is now fashionable. There was already a new autumn / winter collection, which I was very happy about, because I think of a winter dress made of wool. How surprised I was when every beautiful wool or silk dress has a polyester feeding! What's the point? A coat by Ralph Lauren costs about 200-300 CHF, and all we get is a synthetic plastic!

Chanel earrings imitating pearl and silver for a few hundred euros, Louis Vuitton handbags made of leatherette, not real leather ... It's just a mockery of consumers and laughs in their face. Interestingly, it is mainly in the case of women's collections that the producers allow themselves for such mockery. But why woman? Are we less intelligent, more susceptible to fashion or because we do not read the lineups and do not not look at the quality... There is no reason to charge us - woman, with a pink tax³!

But enough with this abstraction, let's talk about fast fashion products. Since I started to earn my won money I was a shopping addict. I was buying too much, too cheap and  too brainless. It was my tradition to go shopping every Thursday evening, because I know that there is a new collection this day and when I did not buy anything that day I was mad and furious! Maybe I will illustrate my problem better by saying, that after 3 years of such a living, I bought also a new wardrobe, because this one that I already had wat too small for me. Since I decluttered almost 90 % of my wardrobe, I can not want to think about how much many I "invested" in my clothes! What is it, what bring us to buy more and more, without thinking about the cheap price and low quality⁴?

And what is with this whole decluttering? Why do we think, that by donating our "old"clothes to somebody, we are doing a good thing⁵? We are giving up the things we do not need anymore, so in toher way, we are giving somone our rubbish and we hope, that someone else would be happy about it (more about clothing deficyt myth here).

I am starting a war with the fashion industry. I have bought a sewing machine and since now, I am the only one who decide what fabric (I use only fabrics made in Europe) I wear and how much should it cost. I want to wear clothes, that will stay with me for a long time, not only for one season. I am going to prove it to myself, that it is possible to stop buying, stop going shopping and stop following the trends.
From now on, I am starting a column "DIY Fashion", where I am going to publish all clothes I make, so I can inspire others, to make their own fashion at home at their own rules. If you are also struggling with an compulsive buying as I did, take it into a consideration⁶, because only this way, you will have a control, on how much new clothes are coming into your wardrobe and how much are you spending on them. By the way, you are going to gain a really great hobby. And it is a step further towards my goal of a happier and greener life.


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