The Hidden Life of Trees; Das geheime Leben der Bäume

This book will change your life. The hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
If you are not intrested in Nature, Biology and Environment, you should read The Hidden Life of trees, and I can assure you, that after the first chapter, you will be amazed of our world, as I was. The best proof, confirming how good that book really is, is that I, a person who never buy books (I am buying ebooks, or lending books from public library), I bought it the same day after finishing it.

What is so great about this book? 
Firstly, the author Peter Wohlleben¹ know, what he is talking about. He is a environmental activist and a forester in one of the oldest forests in Germany. For years he was not enjoying how trees are beeing exploitated by us, when 15 years ago he started to take care of his forest on his own rules. He saw a soul in every tree he "meet". For him a tree is not only some roots, trunk and leaves, but also a creature capable of helping the others, communicating with their family, and a brain thinking of the strategy for the next winter, or the next generations.

A lot of informations I have already known from school or University, but there was still a huge dose of new stuff, that I would never think of. A big advantage of this book is its credibility. Peter Wohlleben write not only, about his insights and observations, but all of the informations he is exccerpting, are based on researches and publications. Here are five curiosities, that were totally new to me:

1. Our mood and ambience depend on a tree under we are sitting. Some of them can affect us on the positive way, some not. It is all the smell that the tree is spreading³. 
2. The forest is not exactly a big happy family. Yes there are trees, that helping each other, and a lot of them can communicate or exchange some nourishment without the roots², but first and foremost - they need to compete with each others, to survive. 
3. Trees are thinking of their strategies for winter. They decide when do they lost their leaves, and when do they fluorisch. If they not choose a good moment, the can die, because of frost or a strong wind. They are also modifying their seeds, to be more flexible for what there is to come ad they can spread a poison, while some insects are trying to come unther their rind. Is that not a proof, taht they have a brain?
4. Trees and other plants know ecaclty the time, when it is a good time to flower, so that they do not do it in  spring, by the first temperature over 10 Grad, but they are waiting forthe time, whhen the time shine enough long, to guarantee them enough high temperature for the next weeks, when their leaves are fragile.
5. Trees, living among us in the cities, are in going through long agony through their whole life. The do not have any clean air, the are growing among beton building, footpaths and street, that are not giviing them enough place to grow properly, and they are constantly cut back. Why do you thing, why the are breaking down, when the wind is strong? Because their roots are not big enough to mantain the wheight of the tree!

Just imagine, this book has 38 chapters, and every of them is talking about something new. They are plenty of informations, everyone should new. After this lecture, I started to regret buying a spruce bed and  6 wooden chairs last year. Probably about 3 years ago, my furniture were standing in the mittle of the forest and were enjoying a happy life. Than the day has come, when a man with a saw came and cut them down. 

I will never stop andmiring our world for what it is. There is a huge amount of things anout our environment I still do not know, but I hope that with a little help of books like this one, i will change it. If you are looking for some extraordinary position at your bookshelf, or just thinking of a birthday present for someone you like, buy it! But maybe considering the weal of trees, we should buy an ebook instead. It could be a little bit exalted to buy a book about love for trees, actually made od some spruce and birch tree, don' t you think?

"dort draussen unter den Bäumen herrscht das gesetz des Stärkes"

³ Peter Wohlleben, Das geheime Leben der Bäume, Ludwig Verlag, München 2015, page 199

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