Meat or not to meat...

I eat meat and I enjoy it. I come from a family of hunters, so killing an animal and preparing some deliscious Sausages out of them, is in my blood. I am not thinking about giving up meat, because I love animals, or some others ethical reasons. I think, that this is a part of our nature and thanks to an evolution we are perfect hunters and that is what we should do. 
But there is one aspect of meat that I do not like. I am not living with my family anymore, and
Both books are really magnificent, and give a rader two opposite looks at the meat consumption. The first book I read is a "Vegetarisch leben" wrote by two Swiss authors 

More and more people are devouring more and more animals, because more and more people can afford meat. IN 20 years there will be so many people and so many animals on the planet, that there will not be enough food for us all. MOst of the grain that is grown on Earth is not goig to be a food for human beeings. Everywhere there are 1.9 billion people starving and we are growing plenty of food to feed everyone, the problem is we feeding most of that grain and legumes (like soya beans) to animals, while people have nothing to eat. Only 2 percent of soya in United States is beeing eaten by human beings.
One kilogram of beef, produce roughly 12 kg of CO₂. For one kilofram of eggs we need to provide 3300 liter water, for one kilogram of chicken meat 3900 liter, for one kilogram of pork 4900 liter, for one kilogram of cheese 5000 liter and 15500 liter water are needed to produce 1 kilogram of beef.
Farmer need only 900 l water to produce 1 kg of potatoes and 700 l  for 1 kilogram of apples.

Immer mehr Menschen fressen immer mehr Tiere, weil immer mehr Menschen sich Fleisch leisten können. In 20 Jahren werden wir so viel es wird so viele Menschen und so viele Tiere da sein, dass es nicht mehr genug Futter da ist.

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