Natural Deo with Beeswax

Antiperspirants block the secretion of sweet¹, but natural deodorants do not block perspiration, but only neutralizes its odor. We should not forget, that sweating is the natural physiological function of the skin². 
Long time ago I have watched a documentary about harmful effects of using deodorants. I was and I am still not sure about this whole confusion in this topic, but since I was still at University, I decided to give it a try and I did not use any for one month. By the first day, I was already quite smelly and I did not want to go out without any perfume on. But since not using deodorant, but wearing perfume instead is not the best solutiond I have searched for another solution. My first founf was a home-made coconut oil deodorant. I was delighted, that I can make a deodorant on my own, from ingredients, I actually can eat! I could not believe it, that it was actually working! But it has one disadvantage - it become liquid at temperatures above 25 ° C,  since coconut oil melts in this temperature. Since we had sommer, I could not used to oil my armhole with something so oily, so I stopped using it and I turn into a new solution -  by using some fresh Lemon juice instead (not only smells good, but also kills bacteria).
Unfortunatelly, lemon juice do not work as good as a coconut deodorant, so I was searching for a third solution. And there it was - the addition of wax solves all problems.

Wax is a secretion of glands on the abdomen of bees and serves them to build honeycombs in a beehive. Thanks to the fact, that wax is very well tolerated by our skin, it is a component of many creams and the high melting temeprature (62-72 °  C, depending on the composition), causes that we can obtain a creamy structure in a room temperature, also in summer.

1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
2 Tablespoon of  beeswax (finely grinded*)
1 Tablespoon of baking soda
1 Tablespoon of potato starch
(if you like, you can add some drops of fragrance/ essential oils)

* I always buy wax in the form of a cube and then grate it on a fine grater as much as I need for a deodorant.
I am melting coconut oil and wax in a water bath and when the mixture is slightly cool but still liquid, I am adding baking soda and potato flour and mixing everything well. You can also vary the amount of coconut oil and wax. The more wax you add, the harder texture you will get.
Coconut oil and wax perfectly nourish the skin, and by the way kill bacteria that produce unpleasant odors, baking soda neutralizes the bad smell, and potato flour absorbs the moisture of sweat.


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