Christmas Presents for every Dressmaker

Only 27 days to Christmas!
Ohhh I love really love this time of the year, but I hate getting presents, which i do not like! 
If I do not know what a person like/ wear or use, I always try to buy something neutral like a voucher to cinema or a ticket on a Hokey Match. But when I already know waht a peron do or like... it is no easy to buy something what the person really need and would like to get!
But in reality, as I am not a child anymore and I am not used to write to Santa anymore, this is the only hope, that someone will read my wishlist, and I just get some nice Christmas/ Birthday Presents!

So what every dressmaker would want to get:

✂ Self-healing mat with a circular blade

Wrist Pin Cushion

Voucher for the fabric shop

Sewing mannequin

The scissors cut zigzag

Design book of blanks 

Some new Patterns

Scissorsand a sharpener

The organizer on the wall for the spools
Intensive courses - may be weekend courses next to the place of residence or online courses.
Subscription for a magazine (quarterly, annual) for example Burda Style, Sewing...

Sewing Machine/ Overlok

✂ Scissors for embroidery 

A good steam iron and ironing board is the basis of every tailor's workshop.

✂ Sewing Books

Set of feet for the machine 

Clothing Ruler 

Dear Santa... 
I was a good girl so would like to get one Item from this list - especially clothing ruler, or a new Pattern, but... the choice is yours!

Your biggest fan,

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