Challenge No. 2: four weeks of "dying hair" naturally

I have naturally dark and curly hair, and I have never dyed them. But since I have read that using walnut mush make them darker, I wanted to try it. I am very curious about, how darker will they become and for how long would the new hair tone stay on my hair. 

I have planned this experiment for some time. The first and only preparation I have made, was to collect a lot of walnut shells. Since Christmas are over and all walnuts from our christmas tree are digested, I can start preparing the secret mixture.

  1. I grind some shells in a grinder.
  2. Then pour the powder into a glass container.
  3. I add three tablespoons of boiling water.
  4. And mix it to obtain the consistency of the paste
  5. I put the finished mixture on damp hair.
  6. And keep it about 15-20 minutes no my sculp
  7. After this time I rinse it with warm water

I have grinded probably over 50 nuts already, and I have added as much water to obtain a mush with a consistency of scrumbled eggs. I used about two tablespoons by the first day, and the rest of it I stored in the fridge. I will useut it on my sculp every second day of the week and I after four weeks, I am going to put some photos with results.

Intresting fact is, that walnut shells are used in a variety of body and bath products like hand soaps and scrubs too, so if not for hair, we should still collect and ese them for other nature products!

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