Challenge No. 2: four weeks of Bullet Journalling

Play it!
I am a youtube - obsessed person. I wake up in the morning and I scroll my yt app on searching for something I "suppose" I have not seen yet, but I probably saw every intresting film once or twice. I am not watching everything, only the good staff! Motivation videos, cooking ones, a lot of wendy sewing videos and from time to time, I also need to check something I need at work.
The problem is, that I can not say STOP to youtube! 

My new YT obsession are Bullet Journal Films and Pinterest walls... They are so bright, pretty and they all looks so colourfull and nice!
So I want to start my own journal. Since I try to be a minimalist I wanted to use something I already had, instead of buying a new fancy notebook from Moleskine or Leuchttum (that costs 30 to 50 $). Mine is empty inside, so I will have a lot of place for my creativity!

So once again, "boulet journals are so colourfull, nice and clear, I would definitely be very organize having one" I said. So I search for more and more inspiration. It takes me few days to make up's my mind, which colours I should use for my title site, what should I include in it, how should I devide days and weeks in my "calender" (with flowers or just minimalistic lines?). Then it occured to me, how much time I already invested by searching all this things out, and how much time would it cost me to better organize mysef! And now the final question: what should we plan?

Nowadays Bullet Journals are Instagram and Blog stars. There are plenty of people (and books) who are saying us, what should we do and plan, but is this ok, to plan and check every small activity we do, during our day?
I have seen a girl who was planning washing her hair every second day and another one putting a note "cook dinner" everyday in her week. Is it not obvious to do that? Do our Mothers needed a callender to not forget about grocery shopping or dinner? Did they needded to stay an hour a week at their desk with some fineliners and crayons to plan what they needed to do in the following days?

OK, good or bad, I am going to give it a try!

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