Challenge No. 3: One week - One book

I have holidays, some short not earned but gained holidays and I must say, there is this point of boredom where a man can say, that  he lost his point in life. 

I am determined to be a minimalist, not this one throwing all the things they have ever had away, but this other one, "me one" that is doing some cleaning and sorting.
I am starting from my books. You know, there is a Problem with them. It is like with my holidays I do not earn them but i get them. I find my books in very strange localisation in the city, and I collect them at some small white shelfes in my apartment. They are staying at my place for years, I am feeding them with dust, but i do not provide them any love, whitch they would derive from reading them. I always thing I have a lot of better things to do as reading, as... watching youtube, staring at pinterest, or finally sleeping. But know I am on the right truck, I am following the challenge - one week, one book. 

I am into this since Friday, and till now i have read 3 books already. I was never found with reading, maybe because I have never found something intresting to read, but know? I am reading everything! From very erotic romances to funny teenage stories (was in fact is almost identical). I am totally obsessed with this challenge, and I am reading all day long. Today I was already cooking with a book in one hand (only water but it still count!). I feel totally inspired to write also, and in the matter of fact I do not understand how coould anyone write as boring texts as my past... all posts?

Ohh end for today, I hope I will end the third book by tomorrow and start a new one... dear books...Here I come!

After... some more weeks...
I am still reading one book a week after 12 weeks. It comes to choosing between going on Inistagram or reading a book. It is just finding this little moments through out the day like Waiting for a bus, cooking spaghetti, some time after walking up aat the weekend, orthis 10 minutes before going to sleep, that really do add up and you can spend 1.5 -2 hours a day reading!

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