Eco - Leather

Eco-leather is a material made of a liquid substance called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The first layer of this plastic sponge is covered with paper or cloth resembling pantyhose. This is the next layer, but this is mixed with something like a baking powder - it is baked like in the oven, so it swells, increasing its volume almost three times, like a sponge (it is thanks to this treatment, we have the impression that it is soft peel). And the last layer, which is responsible for imitating the skin. It may have a gloss, a pattern or even an invoice (the composition of the natural skin scent is also added to the formula, so that someone will get it). You will find a movie from the entire production process of this soft, "organic" skin (although ecology is probably not).

And everything could be fine if it were not for the oven-baked, spongy layer, which is responsible for the softness of the product. It is she who is responsible for the wear of our ecological clothing or sofa. But why? And because 2/3 consists of ... air. And that's how we use our things ... We bend ramones in the elbows, rub the handbag on the thigh, and in our shoes we dare to go ... walk! We do not realize that all these strategic places are running out of air, the bubbles are bursting and expanding until a hole is created ... We squeeze, bend, rub - breaks, flakes off and falls ... And even if we do not know how to save this skin, this is unfortunately her future ...Eco leather or vinyl ...

In sum. If you have already bought this trash, because you were tempted by the softness and imitation of the skin, then maybe it will comfort you ... I also let myself be fooled. However, do not forget, before throwing away the jacket, unzip the zippers, buckles etc. Such things can be used in the future to make new creations, and your jacket will live on - like my bag!

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