Cranberry lip gloss

At this time of the year we will not find any fresh cranberry fruits, but I have made my variation out of some dried one.

10 cranberry fruits
1 flat teaspoon of honey 
 a drop of vitamin E 
1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil (if you want your lip gloss to be more shiny, use a ricinium oil instead)

Since I prepare my lip gloss from dried fruits, I am living them with 4 teaspoon of hot water over night, to regain a litle bit juice out of them. There is no need to worry about a consistent of our product, because after boiling it for some minutes, the whole water will be gone.

In the next day, I am adding my fruits with water and all other ingredients to the heathproof glass and i am doing a water bath till all the ingredients will boil. While bowling, I am mixing all together and slightly kneading the fruit with a teaspoon till they loose their juice.
After boiling, I remove it from the oven and leave  to cool. At the end I strain my lip gloss through a dense sieve and put in to a clean, scalded container.It will soldify in about one hour.

Since the lip gloss is made from fruits, do not forget to use the lip gloss as soon as possible (within a month).

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