Challenge No. 4: Four weeks of Raw diet

My diet is not very good right now - I feel weighed down and tired. After watching a documentary about a raw food diet, i started to considerate to try it. . Vitarians says that primitive man did not cook dishes, so this is highly natural to eat in this way. High temperature, usually above 40 degrees Celsius, is supposed to lower the biological value of the protein, cause its denaturation, increase the amount of harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, acrylamide and Maillard reaction products - melanoidins. Eating raw vegetables and fruits provide more minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acid enzymes. According to Jason Wrobel, the author of the book "Eathernity", raw diet is the heathiest one one he planet:
"There are tremendous phycical and mental benefits to choosing a raw vegan diet, and that is partially because the food you are eating there is a tone of minerals and enzymes, vitamins, proteins, aminoacids, antioxidants".
My motivation to do it is:
1. I want to detox my body.
2. I want to try some new recipies.
3. I want to improve my skin condition.

There are also some problems, that can affect a typical raw diet lifestyle: 
  • first of all, I do not eat breakfast (so forget about smoothie at the morning)
  • second of all, I am eating only regional, seasonal products, so I can not include a tremendous number of fruits and vegetabes like oranges, bananas, mango etc., that are still a basic food for a typical raw vegan diet eater.
My concious about not eating breakfast are not groundless. A big smoothie at the morning is a huge caloric bomb during a day. I am not making this diet to loose some weight, because with my 55 kilos and 170 cm height I am already slim enough. But when I am not going to provide my body enough calorice during the day, It could cause some changes in my organism like hair loss or tiredness. 

But I already decided to try it, so how I am going to start? Firstly I need to make day of a detox. Some people are fasting for 24 hours, but I am not sure it is something for me, so I am going to drink an apple juice for the whole day, and start my raw diet at Monday. I hope I will not give up after seeing a barbecue meat!

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